Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Axis Powers Hetalia Canada Cosplay Costume

Axis Powers Hetalia Canada is one of the characters of Hetalia Axis Powers; he is brother of America and a shy and quiet guy with purple eyes. And he bears a striking resemblance to America, so they are always mistaken by others. Canada of course has gained his fans because of his cute personality and charisma. This the classical Hetalia Canada cosplay costume in the picture, which is composed of jacket, trousers, gloves and leather belt, a cool and warm suit.

This type of Hetalia cosplay is suitable for any of you as long as you are a fan of cosplay or of Canada, both girls and boys are ok. Whether you are fat or slim, big or short, it does no matter. The cosplay outfit is the key point of the show; believe it or not, you would get something unbelievable after your try.

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