Thursday, January 8, 2015

Stylish Uta no Prince-sama Nanami Haruka Cosplay Costumes

        As the heroine of Uta no Prince-sama, Nanami Haruka is a noticeable and lovely anime girl in this series, and since there are so many beautiful and hot anime guys around her, she must have something speial that she can be outstanding among them. And the stylish anime costumes are one of the mains parts, as the saying going, clothes make the man.

         Due to the specific theme of Uta no Prince-sama, Nanami Haruka really have so many chi and distinctive anime dresses in the whole story. Haruka is a kind and shy girl with neck-length, reddish-orange hair and bright yellow eyes.

       Cosplay Haruka Nanami is a good idea for cute girls who like wearing girly costumes. And it can be said that any of you could find the idea outfit from this popular anime girl.

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