Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gentle Hetalia Axis Powers Austria Cosplay Costume

Hetalia Axis Powers Austria is an elegant young man and an optimist who is interested in the arts. He is a cute individual in my heart. This Austria cosplay costume is the typical and popular piece for our cosplay, which is in the form of overcoat and white scarf, a gentle and imposing outfit. We could have a clear mind that this attire is well-designed and each part of it looks the same as the one Austria wears in this series.
Cosplay Hetalia Axis Powers seems quite hot in the eyes of the cosplayer because of different reasons. But there is one common reason that is we are obsessed with this Hetalia character and his accoutrement.
When we want to relax from the depressed daily life and find much fun in life, and then portray our favorite character is one of the best ways. Hetalia Austria of course is an attractive man, and it would be so amazing when we dress the same apparel he wears. This cosplay outfit would bring us to another world which is full of fun.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Dark Hetalia Axis Powers Hungary Cosplay Costume

When referring the Hetalia cosplay, each of us has got our own favorite one or more than one character. Hungary is of course one of the hot choices for us. And this Hetalia Axis Powers Hungary cosplay costume is also one of the characteristic and popular pieces in the cosplayers. As the picture show, we could have a clear mind that it is composed of jacket, trousers, hat in dark green color along with black belt. It looks cool and impressive, in my view; it is full of power and appeal. I love the design of the whole cosplay outfit.

Cosplay Hetalia Hungry is really a great choice for cosplay girls, especially for those ones who are into the cool and simple style of imitation but full of clear-cut trait. And it is safe bet that any of us could be recognized by other participants at once as long as we put it on in the show.
At the same time, we have to admit that different impersonators would display different appeal in the same cosplay costume because of outside looks, personal charm and many other factors, what kind of cosplay we want to show totally depends on ourselves. So, what do you want to your Hetalia Hungary cosplay look like?
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