Saturday, December 31, 2011

Cute Pictures of Axis Powers Hetalia

These pictures of Axis Powers Hetalia are so cute and i cannot help sharing them with you, hope you guys like them.Find your favorite.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Axis Powers Hetalia Canada Cosplay Costume

Axis Powers Hetalia Canada is one of the characters of Hetalia Axis Powers; he is brother of America and a shy and quiet guy with purple eyes. And he bears a striking resemblance to America, so they are always mistaken by others. Canada of course has gained his fans because of his cute personality and charisma. This the classical Hetalia Canada cosplay costume in the picture, which is composed of jacket, trousers, gloves and leather belt, a cool and warm suit.

This type of Hetalia cosplay is suitable for any of you as long as you are a fan of cosplay or of Canada, both girls and boys are ok. Whether you are fat or slim, big or short, it does no matter. The cosplay outfit is the key point of the show; believe it or not, you would get something unbelievable after your try.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cool Hetalia Russia Cosplay Costume

As one of the most popular cosplay choices, Hetalia cosplay of course ranks high in the heart of the cosplay boys and girls. There are so many cute and charming Hetalia characters for us to make a choice. At the same time, these Hetalia outfits are also fantastic, each of them features distinctively. And this Russia cosplay costume looks so cool. I love this suit so much, the typical accoutrement of Russia.
Hetalia Russia has white hair, grey eyes, a large nose in a thick winter coat along with a silk scarf, which is the popular outside looks about him. Russia is kind and innocent and of course his is handsome in my mind.
Cosplay Hetalia Russia is full of fun and it seems that both boys and girls are obsessed with this type of cosplay. In my view, this appealing outfit contributes a lot to it.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Red Pokemon Gym Leader Sabrina Cosplay Costume

There are so many great Gym Leaders in the Pokemon series, and Sabrina is one of them. In terms of Sabrina cosplay, the typical cosplay costume is the red and black piece, which is in the form of one-piece suit a long with a pair of boots. This accoutrement looks cool and sexy. Comparing with other pokemon cosplay, this is not a complex cosplay but also an easy one.
Sabrina uses psychic pokemon, she has long straight hair. As a matter of fact, she is a good cosplay choice for cosplayers, but it seems that there aren’t so many girls are interested in this pokemon cosplay. It needs more fans to focus their attention on this one. Girls, I would like to suggest you this cosplay. The red dress would bring you something amazing.
As for the cosplay outfit, make it or buy it, it all depends on you. If you are a skilled sewer, you would get more fun from this cosplay by means of wearing the attire made by yourself. And if you prefer to buy it, online cosplay store is an ideal choice. You could get cheaper clothes and it would save you a lot of trouble. What is more, custom-made service is also offered.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pokemon Lt. Surge Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Lt. Surge cosplay costume seems so cool and manly. Lt. Surge is Gym Leader of the Vermillion Gym and was an army member before becoming a Gym Leader. He is an expertise in Electric Pokemon. What is more, Lt. Surge is quite a brave individual. Of course there is more than one accoutrement Surge has in pokemon, so we could find that cosplayers wear different Surge cosplay outfits in the show.
 And one of the uniforms is in the form of sleeveless jacket and trousers, actually is the camouflage uniform as it shows in the picture. It is one of the typical army uniforms. Personally, I have special feelings for soldiers; they are so cool and great.
Pokemon Lt. Surge is known as The Lightning American and a member of army. So if you are well disposed towards soldiers, this would be an ideal pokemon cosplay for you. It is easy but manful cosplay.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

White Pokemon Whitney Cosplay Costume

The typical type of clothing that Pokemon Whitney wear is in white and pink (purple) shirt and white shorts, so the Whitney cosplay costume is quite easy and cute. Whitney is one of the pokemon Gym Leaders, is expert in the Normal-type Pokémon. She is a pretty and adorable young woman.
 Her hairdo looks somewhat the same as another pokemon character, anyone comes to you mind? Yeah, she is Cris. They have the same hairdo except the color; she is pink-haired while Cris is blue. Cosplay pokemon Whitney becomes one of the best choices for the cute cosplayers who want to portray the cute and pretty anime or manga characters.
As the picture shows, all we need to do for our cosplay is the shirt and the shorts plus a cute wig because we cannot make our real hair look the same as that one (also have exception of course). Make full use of your old clothes in the wardrobe. If you want to try the easy cosplay, Whitney is a good choice. Or if you are on a tight budget, you may take a consideration about it.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Pokémon Pikachu Cosplay Costumes are Always Here

All the time, we could find that there are really countless pokemon cosplay boys and girls wear all kinds of Pikachu outfits in the shows. Some of them are cute, some of them are sexy and some of them are funny. Anyhow, each of them is obseessed with this sort of cosplay. And now let’s enjoy the cosplay pictures together. And I believe that we could put all the troubles behind as long as we have a look at these interesting pics.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Pokémon Ice Gym Leader Candice Cosplay Costume

What do you think of the pokémon Ice gym leader Candice cosplay costume? In my view, the representative piece which is connecting with white shirt with long sleeves and blue bowtie, blue coat and short yellow skirt is simple for us to display this cosplay in the show. Hence this is also one of the easy pokemon cosplays for us. No need to buy the new one from the seller, what we should to do is to make full use of the old clothes in the wardrobe. Without any doubt, we could find the similar pieces and then do some modification.

Pokémon Trainers could get Icicle Badge from her as long as they defeat her in the battle. Candice is of course one of the popular gym leader for the pokemon fans. What is more, her conspicuous hairdo is quite interesing and easy to make.
And there isn’t any special requirement, any of us could do this imitation as long as we like. The most important thing for this cosplay is the accoutrement and the other accessories; we could display a similar Candice by means of dressing the good cosplay costumes and the other related things. Try it now.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pokémon Gardenia Cosplay Costume

The pokémon Gardenia cosplay costume in the picture shows us a simple but unique looks among other pokemon cosplay outfits. It is somewhat of sexy and free. What is more, it is also an easy cosplay for us. Do you think so? Any other clothes could be modified according to the pattern of the green loose detachable cape and the long-sleeve black top. As for the short orange pants, you only need to cut away part of the long casual pants.
   In a word, this pokemon cosplay is suitable for any of you as long as you are willing to don the suit. And you figure or skin color doesn’t matter much to this imitation. The most important thing is the attire.
 Gardenia is expert in grass-type pokemon and also a Gym Leader, and so there are a lot of plants in her gym. She is really keen on the grass-type pokemon. I love plants too. What about you? If your answer is yes, and don’t miss this chance to be the same as Gardenia in the show.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pokémon Gym Leader Flannery Cosplay Costume

In my view, the one immediately stand out to me is the pokemon cosplay when speaking of the easy cosplay. And it means that the cosplay costume is not difficult for us to prepare. Here, the pokeom gym leader Flannery is one of the easy cosplay characters.
As for pokemon Flannery, she is the gym leader and specializes in all Fire-type Pokémon in her gym; it is just match her flaring red hair. Flannery is a girl with strong will and desire to prove herself, which excites me to be a better one in my life. So she is one of my favorite pokemon characters.
Copslay pokemon Flannery is also a good choice for girls. On the one hand, the cosplay oufit is really simple, we can see it from the picture, all we need to get is the top and pants, what is more, if your hair is red, no wig, no need to buy the suit, make use of your old clothes, that is ok. On the other hand, you could finish this cosplay without much cost including time and money. Whether you are a zealot of Flannery or not, I suggust you try this one. You will get something interesting.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pokémon Erika Cosplay Costume

When speaking of the pokemon Erika cosplay costume, the Kimono would come to our mind at first. Yeah, Erika is quite a cute girl in my mind and she is one of the great pokemon Gym Leaders specializing in grass-type pokemon. Probably, most of the cosplay girls do this pokemon cosplay is because of the elegant and beautiful Kimomo. Of course there are still many other reasons that cause impersoantors to portray Erika.
In the matter of the cosplay outfit for imitating Erika, it is somewhat easy cosplay for us, what us more, there isn’t any special limitation. Any of us could do this show as long as we like. What we need to prepare is the short hair with a cute hairband, one pretty Kimono and a pair of geta. That’s all.
This type of pokemon cosplay is easy but special. If you want to display a traditional Janpanese beauty in the show and do something simple but unique, this is a good choice. Try it!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pokémon Elesa Cosplay Costume

Pokémon Elesa cosplay costume is totally different form the other pokemon characters and the classical one is made up of a yellow and black tights. So she is also an easy cosplay for you cosplay girls and if you want to do a simple but sexy and attractive show, this is the best choice for you. All you need to prepare is the yellow tank top and the girdle, that’s all. When you put on the whole piece, your body shape would be displayed fully.
As Elesa (Kamitsure) is not only a gym leader but also a fashion model in the pokemon series, so we could find something fashionable and different from this character. Take a look at the picture; she is really sexy and charming because of her dress and charisma. Well, she would be a fantastic choice for the Halloween party. Nowadays, the fanshion rule is that less is more, so try this pokemon cosplay and you will be one of the most beautiful girls in the activity.
This pokemon cosplay outfit will be your easiest cosplay journey but the most impresive one in your memory.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Make Your Own Pokémon Hilda Cosplay Costume

Pokémon Hilda is one of my favorite pokemon characters. One of the main reasons is that she presents attractive appearance to me. Especially I love her cosplay costume and the long curly hair. She looks beautiful and cool, so she would be one of my cosplay choices.
As we know that pokemon is the female protagonist in Pokémon Black and White and the counterpart to Hilbert. She is tall and has blue eyes. It seems that I always could find something special in her big eyes. Cosplay pokemon Hilda could bring cosplay girls endless happiness and enjoyment. Since her accoutrement is not so odd for us, make this pokemon cosplay outfit is not a difficulty. When we are going to portray her, the popular suit will be the one contains white T-shirt, black jacket and shorts. All these pieces that could be found in the normal garment store and then what we need to do is to alter some of the parts. In addition, the cute hat and bag are also essential for the cosplay, so if you don’t know how to make them, just buy them.
There is enough time for you to make your pokemon Hilda cosplay costume if you plan to impersonate her in the Halloween this year. It would be amazing to dress the outfit made on our own.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pokémon Leaf Cosplay Costumes

Well, it can be said that the pokemon Leaf cosplay costumes are one of the easies and simplest jobs for the cosplayers. It is because of this fact that there are so many different suits that the imitators could make a good choice. What is more, there no strict or particlar uniform for this pokemon character. Generally speaking, the attires Leaf wears are weskits and short skirts in different colors. In addition, the most conspicuous hallmark is the cute hat and her long brown hair along with the bag.
So if you are going to cosplay pokemon Leaf for your show, it is really a great choice. Firstly, you totally could make the cosplay outfit on your own for the puupose of saving a lot of money. And don’t woory about that if you ar not good at sewing, because that all you need to do is to find out your old shirt and then alter it the same as the one Leaf wears, and the skirt is also could be made from your old clothing. What you need to buy is the hat and the bag if don’t have such kind. In this case, not much time will be needed.
And we could find that there are many different pokemon Leaf cosplayers who put on different costumes but they still display an eye-catching Leaf to others. So as long as you cosplay her with your heart, you would get much enjoyment from this pokemon cosplay.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Easy Pokémon Kris Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Are you still bothered with such thing that what is the easy cosplay costume for Halloween? And today I suggest you one great choice that is the pokemon Crystal Kris cosplay outfit. Kris is the playable role in Pokémon Crystal, her first and only game. As the picture shows, she looks special and unique.
Kris is not only the heroine of the game Pokémon Crystal, but also a character of Pokémon Adventures and one of the pokemon trainers as well. As for her personality, she is energetic, highly intelligent and easygoing. She is good at catching pokemon and is interest in reading. She still holds many of the cosplayers’ interest in doing this type of cosplay because of her personal charisma.
Cosplay pokemon Kris is not a complex job as we could get that from the picture shows here. The clothing is not troublesome for you to make if you are a skillful sewer or not. Because that you only need to make use of your usual clothes instead of buying the fabric or any other things. The shorts and the undervest are available and they would be looks the same after somewhat of modifying. Come on girls, do something for your Halloween.
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