Thursday, June 4, 2015

Beautiful Pokemon Gijinka Lugia Cosplay Costume

What is your ideal and dream cosplay costume of pokemon Lugia? We know that Lugia is a genderless pokemon, hence, there are so many male and female cosplayers doing this costume play all the time.
I was attacted by this design of Lugia at the first sight! Who can be this creative and talented to create such a very beauiful and impressive pokemon girl, the long white hair, the blue and white costume that is similar with the outfit of Ririchiyo Shirakiin in her yokai form from Inu x Boku SS, the long scarf around the shoulders, the large separated sleeves, and the white hakama with blue sash, all of them look so pretty. This pokemon gijinka Lugia cosplay costume is wonderful enough for any cosplayers to be outstanding and recognizable.

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