Monday, December 2, 2013

Cool Pokemon Gijinka Electabuzz Cosplay Costume

        When we see this cool and cute pokemon gijinka Electabuzz cosplay costume, there would be lots of boys and girls want to put it on. On the one hand, this eye-catching outfit would capture people’s heart easily as long as we in it, and the Electric-type pokemon Eleboo has gained so many fans by its irritable and aggressive personality on the other hand.

As for pokemon Electabuzz, it is covered in yellow fur with black stripes; a large stripe on its chest is shaped like a lightning bolt, along with a long tail. There are two colors yellow and black that would be used in the design of Gijinka Electabuzz. This cool cosplay costume is one of the most distinctive creations that could make cosplayers outstanding, and bring them much fun.

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