Monday, June 23, 2014

Spice and Wolf Lawrence Cosplay Costume

As the hero of Spice and Wolf, Lawrence Kraft is a good cosplay idea for both males and females, it is because of this fact that he has dictinctive and recognizable appearance, includes short silver hair and this special cosplay costume that is composed of brown jacket, a white long sleeve shirt with a high collar and vest and black pants, additionally the sleeves and the pants are removable.
As for Spice and Wolf Lawrence, he is a traveling maerchant who makes a living by buying and selling various kinds of goods in different areas he visits. Cosplay Lawrence does not make cosplayers gorgeous or imposing, but it could make any cosplayers a handsome and noticeable guy as long as we put on the wig and anime costume, what is more, it is really a great couple idea for lovers or duo by dressing up as Lawrence and Holo.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Cool YuGiOh Seto Kaiba White Cosplay Costume

         As one of the main characters of Yu-Gi-Oh, Seto Kaiba is a generally considered as an anti-hero, so if you are looking for main character that is badass, Yugioh Kaiba cosplay is really a good idea, and this cool white anime costume is one of the typical outfits for this cool guy, which is composed of long white overcoat without sleeves, black shirt and silver arm guards.
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Yugioh Kaiba has green hair in the first anime series and brown in the second other media, and he is an arrogant and selfish guy, but he would help his friends if it is in his best interest. Yu-Gi-Oh is one of the most popular series in the eyes of cosplay girls and boys; naturally, Kaiba Seto is one of the classical characters for cosplayers to be quite cool and recognizable.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Rosario Vampire Tsukune Aono Green School Cosplay Costume

As for cosplay boys, if you have short black or brown hair and want to dress up as a recognizable character in simple and cheap anime costume, this Rosario Vampire Tsukune Aono green school uniform would be one of the best choices; it is made up of green coat, white shirt inside, red tie, and pants.

In terms of Tsukune Aono, he is the hero of Rosario + Vampire, an average school boy with brown hair and brown eyes. He is a common student in Yokai Academy superficially in his human form, but he is attractive enough to interest lots of beautiful and sexy girls at his school, Moka Akashiya is one of them.
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