Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Pokémon Leaf Cosplay Costumes

Well, it can be said that the pokemon Leaf cosplay costumes are one of the easies and simplest jobs for the cosplayers. It is because of this fact that there are so many different suits that the imitators could make a good choice. What is more, there no strict or particlar uniform for this pokemon character. Generally speaking, the attires Leaf wears are weskits and short skirts in different colors. In addition, the most conspicuous hallmark is the cute hat and her long brown hair along with the bag.
So if you are going to cosplay pokemon Leaf for your show, it is really a great choice. Firstly, you totally could make the cosplay outfit on your own for the puupose of saving a lot of money. And don’t woory about that if you ar not good at sewing, because that all you need to do is to find out your old shirt and then alter it the same as the one Leaf wears, and the skirt is also could be made from your old clothing. What you need to buy is the hat and the bag if don’t have such kind. In this case, not much time will be needed.
And we could find that there are many different pokemon Leaf cosplayers who put on different costumes but they still display an eye-catching Leaf to others. So as long as you cosplay her with your heart, you would get much enjoyment from this pokemon cosplay.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Easy Pokémon Kris Cosplay Costume for Halloween

Are you still bothered with such thing that what is the easy cosplay costume for Halloween? And today I suggest you one great choice that is the pokemon Crystal Kris cosplay outfit. Kris is the playable role in Pokémon Crystal, her first and only game. As the picture shows, she looks special and unique.
Kris is not only the heroine of the game Pokémon Crystal, but also a character of Pokémon Adventures and one of the pokemon trainers as well. As for her personality, she is energetic, highly intelligent and easygoing. She is good at catching pokemon and is interest in reading. She still holds many of the cosplayers’ interest in doing this type of cosplay because of her personal charisma.
Cosplay pokemon Kris is not a complex job as we could get that from the picture shows here. The clothing is not troublesome for you to make if you are a skillful sewer or not. Because that you only need to make use of your usual clothes instead of buying the fabric or any other things. The shorts and the undervest are available and they would be looks the same after somewhat of modifying. Come on girls, do something for your Halloween.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Pokémon Nurse Joy Cosplay Costume

Eech of the Pokémon characters has their own distinctive appearance in the series with no exception of Nurse Joy. As a matter of fact, the name of Nurse Joy isn’t blong to the exact girl but all the members of an identical family of Pokémon nurses, and all of them bear the resemblance to each other and are hospitable, especially to pokemon but with different personalities. In this way, the pokemon Nurse Joy cosplay costumes are completely the same.
As the name suggests, Nurse Joy outfits are in the form of the nurse style which is composed of white apron, pink one-piece dress with short sleeves and a big white bow at the back as well as a cute nurse cap. It is really attractive to most of the cosplay girls. The pink color and the pattern of the suit display a strong appeal to them. So we could behold a lot of the cosplayers wear this kinf of cosplay outfit in the show.
Have found your ideal Halloween costume this year? If the answer is no, ok, here I suggest you this sort of clothing that is cute and sexy simultaneously, what a wonderful choice! And if have already got your apparel, this one would bring you another totally different feeling. Try two or more styles would be fantastic if possible in the Halloween.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pokémon Dent Cosplay Costume

Pokémon Dent (Cilan) is one of the main characters of the Pokémon series, and he is an excellent Pokémon Connoisseur with the ability of determining compatibility between Pokémon and their trainers. He has two brothers Chili and Cress, and they are triplets. As for pokemon Dent cosplay costume, the classical one is composed of white shirt, black jacket and pants and green bow tie. This suit is quite different from the other ones of the pokemon characters and displays a special clothing genre because of the different role of him.
Cosplay pokemon Cilan is very interesting and is also one of the most efficient ways to bring this fictional chracter into reality. Cilan is also a funny boy who brings much enjoyment to his zealots. What is more, he is a green featured boy with the green hair, eyes and bowtie, which is indeed staring.
     Since Cilan, Chili and Cress are the triplets, and it would be perfect cosplay if you also have other two triplet brothers or you have other two good friends. Three of you don the cosplay costume in the show, which is wondrous, right? Of course, it is also great for you, only you to do the pokemon cosplay, as long as you put all your heart in it, you will get a satisfied result or a surprise.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Easy Pokémon Tracey Sketchit Cosplay Costume

Tracey Sketchit is one of Ash's traveling friends and a pokemon watcher. As one of the pokemon characters, Tracey is not sopopular as the some of the roles, such as Ash and Misty, but he still has gaind his imitators. There is no denying that each of the characters has their attractive feature makes someone eager to do the cosplay and to bring the fictional role to the reality, namely the show. Tracey  also has the distinctive glamour that we could behold many of the cosplay boys don the Tracey cosplay costume in the activity.
When it comes to the cosplay outfit, it can be said that it is the easiest clothing for impersonating. Why? Aha, on my part, any of you could make the suit on your own even if you are not good at sewing, what is more, you could have it for peanuts. The classical image of Tracey is in the form of short with short sleeves and the short pants, so simple. So you don’t need to buy the apparel or make it, all you have to do is to look through your normal T-shirts and shorts and find the similar pieces, modify them. Ok, finally you could put them on for you pokemon cosplay.
Boys or girls, especially the tomboys, try the easiest cosplay!
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