Monday, November 25, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Girafarig Cosplay Costume

As the Psychic-type pokemon, Girafarig is a cute species which is in the form of horse with half front in yellow and brown spots, and brown with yellow spots on bottom. Pokemon Girafarig has white horns on head and pink spikes on its back, and there is a head on its tail which is the most noticeable feature of it.

Hence, we could easilyfigure out that this cute yellow and brown gijinka Girafarig cosplay costume dute to the grin pattern on the hip part of the pants. In addition the yellow jacket with yellow hood with pink dentations is also in a cute style. So, if you are looking for a simple but adorable cosplay idea, this pokemon gijinka Kirinriki outfit is a good choice.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Beautiful Pokemon Gijinka Seaking Kimono Cosplay Costume

As the Water-type Pokemon, Seaking is a cute and beautiful species among tons of other members in the whole series, and we could figure it out all the time easily due to its distinctive and noticeable features, namely, the Goldfish form in orange color with black marks, along with long and white fins and a long horn on its head.

Hence, when we see this beautiful and elegant pokemon gijinka Seaking kimono, we would be attracted by it at once. It looks so vivid and special. The red and white colors with the spots on it, plus the long and pretty blue sashi (belt), any cosplay girls would be an eye-catching and popular cosplayers at party or conventions.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gold Ethan Red and Yellow Cosplay Costume

It is a safe bet most of us would figure out this cute pokemon trainer Ethan cosplay costume once we see it, the red and white top with long sleeves, plus the yellow pants with one black pocket on each side. Obviously, this is quite a simple cosplay outfit that is suitable for both girls and boys. We know that most of the pokemon boys are good idea for female cosplayers to do crossplay.
Pokemon trainer Ethan has black hair and simple clothes. And this red and yellow piece would make any impersonator a recognizable and cute cosplayer as long as you put on it. You should give him a try if you are huge fan of pokemon Gold.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Pokemon Black and White Ash Cosplay Costume

It is well known that Ash Ketchum has many different anime costumes in Pokemon, and this Pokemon Black and White version is one of the popular and recognizable outfits to cosplayers, includes white and red hat, the blue and white top with short sleeves, the dark pants and the red and black fingerless gloves.

The same many other Ash costumes, this outfit is in a simple style. As for cosplay girls and boys, all of them could pull off this cute and well-known boy. Due to the classical form of Ash Ketchum, anyone could be the same as this pokemon trainer as long they put on this costume.
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