Monday, January 14, 2013

Mirai Nikki Tsubaki Kasugano Red Kimono Cosplay Costume

Do you love kimono style of clothing or the cosplay? Are you the big fan of Miria Nikki? No matter what you answer is, you would fall in love with this characteristic Mirai Nikki Tsubaki Kasugano red kimono cosplay costume, the red and green kimonos (haori) and the white sash make this dress mysterious and eye-catching. 

Future Diary Tsubaki Kasugano is the Sixth diary user and the High Priestess living in the Omekata temple, hence, she has this special outfit. She is a beautiful and polite young girl with quite long dark blue hair and purple eyes. Different from Yuno Gasai, Tsubaki is a kind-hearted girl but has poor sight.

This Mirai Nikki Tsubaki Kasugano cosplay costume is an ideal choice for those girls who are into kimono and long hairstyle cosplay. It would make you a beautiful and mysterious cosplayer at cons.

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