Friday, December 18, 2015

Cute Oreimo Kuroneko Gothic Lolita Cosplay Costumes

Personally, I don’t like anime Oreimo that much, in another word, My Sister Can't Be This Cute is not on my favorite anime list, because Kirino Kosaka makes the whole anime not that interesting in my eyes (no offense, just personal opinion). However, I like one kawaii girl in this series, her name is Ruri Gokou, she is also an Otaku (me too), she loves wearing gothic Lolita clothing based on the character from her favorite anime, and Ruri also likes cosplay, anime, video games and other things relate to otaku. In addition, Kuroneko is a tsundere-type girl.
    Hence, when it comes to cosplay Oreimo Kuroneko, there are many lovely and beautiful anime costumes for girls. Although, Ruri is not the heroine of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, there are lots of cosplayers interested into dressing up as her.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lovely Himouto Umaru Chan Doma Umaru Cosplay Costumes

She is a beautiful and sweet girl, and is also excellent in everything at school, but she will become totally another person once she comes back home, reading manga, watching anime, playing games, and wearing an orange animal hoodie/cloak, eating junk foods, are all things she does. Yes, she is Doma Umaru, the main female character in anime Himouto Umaru Chan. And the chibi form would come to our mind when it comes to her.
       At the same time, cosplay Umaru chan becomes quite pop with all kinds of cosplayers, the simple white and red school uniform and the kawaii orange hoodie/cloak with white shirt and pink shorts are the main anime costumes of this cute anime girl, plus the long straight honey blonde hair. It is really quite fun to dress up as this special girl.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sexy League of Legends Akali Green Cosplay Costume
As The Fist of Shadow, Akali is a cool and sexy female Assassin in League of Legends, she has several distinctive skins in the game, and this green outfit is one of the typical pieces, and which is also one of the most popular cosplay ideas with girls, plus the long black hair and the cool weapons, cosplayers always could be impressive and eye-catching.
Cosplay League of Legends Akali is an ideal choice for girls to be sexy and charming if you are willing to expose some of your skin. And it would make you noticeable among tons of cosplayers on any occasions.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Well-known Toradora Taiga Aisaka School Uniform Cosplay Costumes

Who would come to your mind when you see these two school uniforms? Probably, most of us would say Taiga Aisaka, because she is so popular that lots of girls and boys love this kawaii anime girl. She is the heroine of Toradora, and is known for her short height and Tsundere traits. She wears her school outfit most of the time that are the red, white and blue winter outfit and the blue summer dress.
Cosplay Toradora Taiga Aisaka is quite popular with cosplayers, especially with those ones who have baby face and short stature. Meanwhile, Taiga has long blonde brown hair, and the costume that is composed of red coat, white blouse and blue skirt, is the most typical outfit that could make any cosplayers popular and recognizable all the time.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Cool Touken Ranbu Nakigitsune Blue Cosplay Costume

Generally speaking, those anime or game guys or ladies who have their face covered by mask are more attractive and cool, it is because of this fact they looks quite mysterious, such as Kakashi sensei in Naruto, he has gained so many fans all over the world and I know that all of us are looking for the moment when he shows his full face to us; and Hei in Darker Than Black is such a cool, skilled and charming assassin; and also Kurosaki Ichigo in Bleach is so well-known to 99.999% people who are otaku; of course we all know Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul.
And Nakigitsune in Touken Ranbu also is a very cool guy with short white hair and wears black mask; he also has a cute familiar fox. This blue cosplay costume is one of his typical outfits, which is composed of coat, shirt, pants, chest guard, apron, tie and gloves, plus the katana/sword, we could be really imposing. Have you tried this Touken Ranbu cosplay?

Thursday, October 15, 2015

Popular Yowamushi Pedal Sohoku and Hakone Jersey Bicycle Race Suit Cosplay Costumes

Which team do you like best, Sohoku or Hakone Academy in Yowamushi Pedal? It is really hard for me to make a choice; I love both of them, because they are so hot-blooded and energetic. But, I bet that each of you have got you own favorite team or character, right? Thereby, cosplay Yowamushi Pedal becomes of the most interesting and meaningful things in our spear time.
It looks like that all sports anime are quite popular with cosplay boys and girls all the time, such as Kuroko’s Basketball, Free Iwatobi Swim Club, HAIKYU, and Inazuma Eleven and of course Yowamushi Pedal and so many others.
When it comes to cosplay our favorite characters in Yowapeda, such as Onoda and Imaizumi, Manami Sangaku and Arakita Yasutomo and Fukutomi Juichi the typical bicycle jersey cosplay costumes would be the Sohoku race suit that is composed of yellow, red and white top shirt and shorts, along with gloves and helmet, and the Hakone cycling jersey that contains blue and white top shirt and shorts. Obviously, Yowamushi Pedal cosplay is an easy idea for girls and boys to be popular and to enjoy much fun. Life lies in the movement!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lovely Oreimo Gokou Ruri Kuroneko Holy Angel Pink Cosplay Costume

She looks like an angel and a doll, especially in this Holy Angel pink Lolita dress, nope, she is just an angel, or she won’t be so charming. Yeah, she is Gokou Ruri, Kuroneko. Undoubtedly, I am big fan of this anime girl, I even love her more than the main character Kousaka Kirino, although both of them are quite kawaii. Kuroneko has many pretty and lovely anime dresses in Oreimo, and this Oreimo Gokou Ruri Kuroneko Holy Angle pink cosplay outfit is very cute that is a good idea for cosplayers who have baby face and are interested in Lolita style anime outfit.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Cute Noragami Hiyori Iki School Uniform Cosplay Costume

How do you think of anime Noragami? Are fan of this series? If you ask me, my answer undoubtedly would be “YES!” I’ve watched three times so far, and surely I would do it again and again in the future. I often do such kind of thing about my favorite anime. Hiyori Iki is one of my favorite characters in Noragami, and I just want to be her that I could have wonderful and exciting daily life, but not these normal days. Cosplay Noragami Hiyori Iki is becoming so popular with cosplayers.
And this purple middle school sailor uniform is the most typical outfit for dressing as this beautiful and lovely anime girl, it is composed of lavender sailor shirt and a knee-length skirt, in addition, she occasionally wears coat over shirt and a long pink scarf. Also, Hiyori has long brown, straight hair.

Cosplay Noragami Hiyori Iki at the Halloween together with Yato, the God, would be really fantastic.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Wonderful League of Legends Queen Ashe Blue Cosplay Costume and Accessories

      Who loves the Frost Archer in League of Legends? Obviously, there are countless fans of this cool and charming female role of LOL. Which skin of Ashe do you like best? Different skin makes Ashe a different lady. To me, the Queen Ashe looks really beautiful and wonderful, the large and gorgeous blue dress, the long, blue curly hair, the cool bow and other accessories could make any cosplayers an impressive and outstanding queen among tons of other cosplayers.

      Halloween 2015 is right there now! How wonderful it would be when we put on this league of legends Queen Ashe cosplay costume and the corresponding accessories.
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