Thursday, October 15, 2015

Popular Yowamushi Pedal Sohoku and Hakone Jersey Bicycle Race Suit Cosplay Costumes

Which team do you like best, Sohoku or Hakone Academy in Yowamushi Pedal? It is really hard for me to make a choice; I love both of them, because they are so hot-blooded and energetic. But, I bet that each of you have got you own favorite team or character, right? Thereby, cosplay Yowamushi Pedal becomes of the most interesting and meaningful things in our spear time.
It looks like that all sports anime are quite popular with cosplay boys and girls all the time, such as Kuroko’s Basketball, Free Iwatobi Swim Club, HAIKYU, and Inazuma Eleven and of course Yowamushi Pedal and so many others.
When it comes to cosplay our favorite characters in Yowapeda, such as Onoda and Imaizumi, Manami Sangaku and Arakita Yasutomo and Fukutomi Juichi the typical bicycle jersey cosplay costumes would be the Sohoku race suit that is composed of yellow, red and white top shirt and shorts, along with gloves and helmet, and the Hakone cycling jersey that contains blue and white top shirt and shorts. Obviously, Yowamushi Pedal cosplay is an easy idea for girls and boys to be popular and to enjoy much fun. Life lies in the movement!

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