Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Well-known Toradora Taiga Aisaka School Uniform Cosplay Costumes

Who would come to your mind when you see these two school uniforms? Probably, most of us would say Taiga Aisaka, because she is so popular that lots of girls and boys love this kawaii anime girl. She is the heroine of Toradora, and is known for her short height and Tsundere traits. She wears her school outfit most of the time that are the red, white and blue winter outfit and the blue summer dress.
Cosplay Toradora Taiga Aisaka is quite popular with cosplayers, especially with those ones who have baby face and short stature. Meanwhile, Taiga has long blonde brown hair, and the costume that is composed of red coat, white blouse and blue skirt, is the most typical outfit that could make any cosplayers popular and recognizable all the time.

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