Monday, June 25, 2012

Gakuen Hetalia Girl’s School Uniform for Cosplay

This is the pretty Gakuen Hetalia girl’s school uniform for cosplay girls, composed of body skirt, tie and white shirt, which looks really the same as the one that the girls wear in Gakuen Hetalia

It is a great cosplay choice for girls who want to do the couple cosplay, or cosplay the characters from same series in the same uniform. In addition, it is also an easy cosplay.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Hetalia Allied Forces America Alfred F. Jones Cosplay Costume

As one of the members of Allied Forces, the energetic man, Hetalia America Alfred F. Jones is fond of superheroes and hamburgers. In a word, he is common people but is also a charming guy to us.

This is the typical cosplay costume for Hetalia America cosplay, composed of brown artificial wool collar jacket, top, shirt, trousers and tie. It has a special meaning to the fans of America for it belongs to him. And we could feel the same as him as long as we put on this outfit. On the other hand, this suit looks really cool including the design and style.

Friday, June 8, 2012

Hetalia Latvia/Ravis Galante Cosplay

As one of the states and the youngest of the Baltic States, Hetalia Latvia is a sensitive man with short light blond hair and dark blue eyes. And his human name is Ravis Galante and he is short in stature. Hence, this Hetalia cosplay is suitable for those small cosplayers.
Picture Credit
And one of his typical cosplay costumes is the one in the pic, composed of red jacket, trousers and black leather belt. Yeah, this outfit would help us to feel the same as Latvia, especially a good choice for the fans of Ravis Galante.
The cosplayer in the pic does a good job, and we could see the vivid Latvia by this cosplay girl.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Dark Green Hetalia China Allied Forces Cosplay Costume

As one of the members of Allied Forces, other members are America, England, France, Russia and Canada, Hetalia China wear this dark green cosplay costume, composed of jacket, trousers and belt, which is in the form of classic traditional Chinese soldier’s uniform. 

If you are the big fan of Chinese culture and history, this cosplay outfit would help you learn more about it and taste the feeling of being the soldier in the history. Or if you just the supporter of Hetalia China (Wang Yao), this suit is also a good choice for you to be the same as China besides the other clothes.

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