Friday, December 18, 2015

Cute Oreimo Kuroneko Gothic Lolita Cosplay Costumes

Personally, I don’t like anime Oreimo that much, in another word, My Sister Can't Be This Cute is not on my favorite anime list, because Kirino Kosaka makes the whole anime not that interesting in my eyes (no offense, just personal opinion). However, I like one kawaii girl in this series, her name is Ruri Gokou, she is also an Otaku (me too), she loves wearing gothic Lolita clothing based on the character from her favorite anime, and Ruri also likes cosplay, anime, video games and other things relate to otaku. In addition, Kuroneko is a tsundere-type girl.
    Hence, when it comes to cosplay Oreimo Kuroneko, there are many lovely and beautiful anime costumes for girls. Although, Ruri is not the heroine of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai, there are lots of cosplayers interested into dressing up as her.

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Lovely Himouto Umaru Chan Doma Umaru Cosplay Costumes

She is a beautiful and sweet girl, and is also excellent in everything at school, but she will become totally another person once she comes back home, reading manga, watching anime, playing games, and wearing an orange animal hoodie/cloak, eating junk foods, are all things she does. Yes, she is Doma Umaru, the main female character in anime Himouto Umaru Chan. And the chibi form would come to our mind when it comes to her.
       At the same time, cosplay Umaru chan becomes quite pop with all kinds of cosplayers, the simple white and red school uniform and the kawaii orange hoodie/cloak with white shirt and pink shorts are the main anime costumes of this cute anime girl, plus the long straight honey blonde hair. It is really quite fun to dress up as this special girl.
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