Monday, March 24, 2014

Cool Fairy Tail Mystogan Cosplay Costume

He bears resemblance to another cool and handsome character Jellal Fernandes in Fairy Tail, probably most of us are shocked by two of them when we see their same face. Yeah, he is Mystogan, the Prince of Edolas and has dark eyes, blue hair and tattoo on the right side of his face.

Another most impressive feature of Fairy Tail Mystogan is his many large Magic Staves, which can be used to fight on the same level of very powerful S-Class Mages like Laxus and his cool cloak style cosplay costume, and his arms and legs are mostly covered in bandages, along with bandana and a green mask that obscured the bottom half of his face.

So, if you are into character with many large weapons and cool anime costume and tattoo, fairy tail Mystogan cosplay is really good idea.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Cool RWBY Ruby Rose Black and Red Cosplay Costume

When it comes to the most popular cosplay ideas for girls in the year of 2013 -2014, RWBY Ruby Rose would undoubtedly one of them. And any of us would recognize this black and red anime costume as long as we see it, right? Yes, this is just right the cool Ruby Rose cosplay dress that is connecting with black dress with red girdles attached on the waist part and red trimmings, plus long sleeves and red cloak.

As for Ruby Rose, she is one of the leading characters of RWBY and has short black hair with red highlights. In addition, she holds a large and imposing weapon High Caliber Sniper Scythe named Crescent Rose.

If you are just searching for the anime girl cosplay with noticeable weapon and cool anime costume for the purpose of standing out, this RWBY Ruby Rose cosplay would be a good idea.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Cheap and Beautiful Vampire Knight Yuki Cosplay Costume

This black and white school girl uniform is well-known to most Otakus due to the great popularity of the cute and beautiful anime girl Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight, which is composed of black jacket with white lines and pleated skirt, white blouse and red nektie. It is for girls who have brown hair and eyes cosplaying Yuki.

Yuki Cross is one of the most well-known and popular anime girls among the tons of female characters. She is beautiful, cute and charming, and has this simple but distinctive anime costume, so cosplayers won’t miss this ideal cosplay idea.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Cute Fate/Stay night Saber Maid Cosplay Costume

What do you think of maid anime girls and cosplaying maid girls? It can be said that both males and females would be attracted by them easily. Of course, fate stay night Saber maid cosplay undoubtedly would capture lots of people’s heart due of the worldwide popularity. We know that, Saber has plenty of beautiful, sexy and cool anime costumes in the whole series. This black and white maid outfit is really an attractive dress for all girls to be recognizable and beautiful, which is in general style except some details on the neck, back and edge.

On the one hand cosplay girlscould become quite girly and noticeable as long they put on the cute maid uniform, and boys would charmed by the sweet and beautiful looks of girls on the other hand. If you have blonde hair and want to try simple but cute anime dress, give this fate stay night Saber maid costume a try.
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