Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Blue Fairy Tail Jellal Fernandes Cosplay Costume

This is the blue cosplay costume for Fairy Tail Jellal Fernandes cosplay, one of the typical outfits for him, which is consisting of a white shirt under a hooded dark blue overcoat with two strings hanging down from the hood and a prominent golden symbol on the left side of the chest. This is a cool costume and looks quite great.

Jellal is young and cheerful, and also a kind-hearted and cool guy. The most noticeable features of him are his blue hair and the special tattoo under and above his right eye. And it can be said that he could hold so many cosplayers’ interest, the tattoo contribute a lot to it. The blue hair and the tattoo make any of us stand out, plus this imposing cosplay outfit, we could enjoy an unforgettable jouney!

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