Thursday, August 2, 2012

Anime No.6 Nezumi Black Cosplay Costume

Anime No.6 is one of my favorite series and Nezumi is of course one of my favorites. As the leading characters of this series, Nezumi is a talented, cool, offish and rude young boy. It is because of the fact that his parents and friends were killed by powers behind No. 6 when he was little, and he is the survivor.
Nezumi has dark blue hair and wears it in a short ponytail, plus light gray eyes. And he generally wears dark jacket with zippers and pockets and pants with large scarf. As for Nezumi cosplay, there are two pieces for that. And this black cosplay costume is the most popular choice, which is composed of black jacket, yellow T-shirt, gray pants, dark scarf and cloak.
Obviously, this anime cosplay is suitable for boys and girls. It can be said that any of us put this outfit one would feel the same as Nezumi.

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