Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Special Guilty Crown Albino Gai Tsutsugami White Cosplay Costume

Gai Tsutsugami is one the main characters of Guilty Crown and is a charismatic young boy at the age of 17. He is handsome with long blonde hair and light blue eyes (man has long hair is always charming). In addition, Gai is the leader of the group "Funeral Parlor".

      As for Gai cosplay, there is more than one clothes. This is the cool white cosplay costume for the albino Gai Tsutsugami, which is in the form of white cape, jackets and black pants, a special design of clothing. Gai wears this suit when he goes albino while he blonde hair becomes white. Actually, this Gai is quite impressive. Of course, we would become surely outstanding in the Halloween.

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