Monday, October 28, 2013

Simple Pokemon Trainer Green Leaf Cosplay Costume

When it comes to simple cosplay costumes, pokemon always would be one of the ideal choices, because there are so many recognizable girls and boys in simple clothes. And this trainer Green (Leaf) blue and red outfit is one of them, which is composed of blue top and pleated skirt. And we know that this is one of the main reasons why there are so many cosplay girls are fond of this pokemon trainer.
       Pokemon Green is a cunning and shrewd girl who has long brown hair and blue eyes. Green is also a master of disguise that she could make herself look like anyone she wants. And now, it is time for us to make ourself look like Green (Leaf) now by dressing this unique dress.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Pokemon Black and White Hilber Cosplay Jacket

        This blue pokemon black and white Hilber cosplay jacket is quite recognizable and cool, together with the black, blue and white messager bag, and the red and white cap, each item of Touya is very popular with cosplay girls and boys, especially pokemon fans.
      As for Pokemon Touya, he is a charming boy who has brown hair and eyes, and he is also a tall and slim guy. In the way, this pokemon boy is a good idea for both cosplay girls and boys. And we could find that any of us would be a recognizable and cool Hilbert as long as we put on the corresponding jacket, hat, pants, bag and other accessories.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Elegant Pokemon Gijinka Froslass Kimono Cosplay Costume

This pokemon gijinka Froslass kimono cosplay costume is one of the most characteristic and special dresses that could help girls stand out easily. It looks really beautiful and elegant, as for Japanese girls, kimono stands for beauty and softness of females. It is one of the distinctive styles of clothing in the world.
In terms of pokemon Froslass, it is a dual-type Ice/Ghost pokemon and wears hollow attire that is in the kimono form, along with red band as the sash. Its two arms are connecting to its head. There are ao many different designs of pokemon Yukimenoko and this white and red costume would make cosplay girls really special.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Pokemon Gary Oak Black and Purple Cosplay Costume

What do you think of pokemon Gary Oak? Probably, there would be a lot of girls and boys are attacted by him, and Gary totally is a badass in many people’s heart, right? But, we can not deny that he is a cool and characteristic boy.

Hence, there are are so many cosplay girls and boys are into this pokemon cosplay. The brown spiky hair and the simple costumes make us recognizable and cool. And this black and purple outfit comes with top and pants, along with the bag, which is the original dress of pokemon Gary Oak and is one of the most popular ideas for cosplayers.
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