Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Pretty Pokemon Gijinka Skitty Pink Cosplay Costume

As the Normal-type feline pokemon, Skitty is quite cute and endearing. And there are many different designs of it in human form, some are cute, some are sexy and some are cool, and this pink and cream (yellow) gijinka cosplay costume is one of the pretty and sweet forms, contains the pink hat and cute cape, plus the yellow dress and pink tail. This is totally an eye-catching outfit for cosplayers to be noticeable and kawaii.

And if you also have pink hair or wig, this pink pokemon Skitty human form cosplay dress would be one of the cutest ideas for you. The pink color and the cute design will make you an identifiable and adorable Eneco.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Ekans Purple Cosplay Costume

What style of pokemon gijinka Ekans cosplay costume do you want or like? It looks like that there are not that many people crazy about this Pokemon, comparing with Pikachu or Vaporeon, but it also a good idea for boys and girls who are into to simple but creative cosplay idea. And this shoulder straps purple and yellow dress with purple stockings would make cosplayer a really cute Arbo.
As the Poison-type pokemon, Ekans has purple and yellow colors, plus yellow eyes, hence, the cosplay costume we are going to design is also only need these two colors. Undoubtedly, this is an easy choice. And this Ekans costume is one of the typical styles that is simple but cute, plus the purple hair and shoes, any of us would be a vivid pokemon Ekans.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Pokemon Gijinka Combusken Yellow Cosplay Costume

There are so many cute, beautiful, sexy and other styles of pokemon gijinka Combusken designs by creative boys and girls, and a lot of cosplayers are also creat their own human form of Pokemon Combusken. In one word, this pokemon cosplay is one of the popular ideas for females and males.

And this yellow and brown pokemon gijinka Combusken cosplay costume is one of the typical designs for girls and boys to be recognizable and cute, which is in the form of yellow top with hood and jagged lines at the edges, along with an orange crest attached in the hood, plus the dark brown shoulder straps pants. It is in simple but cute style.

We know that pokemon Combusken is a chicken-like species and most of its upper body is covered with yellow while the lower part is orange. It has orange eyes and an orange crest on its head. Hence, this cute pokemon human form cosplay costume would make you really a vivid Combusken.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Azumarill Blue Cosplay Costume

This one-piece blue and white dress is for pokemon gijinka Azumarill cosplay, which is a cute and simple costume for girls to be recognizable and adorable, comes with blue and red long ears, blue dress white collar and bottom and a pair of blue shoes covers.
There are so many interesting and distinctive designs of pokemon gijinka Azumarill, and this one of course is in a cute style. As the Water-type pokemon, Azumarill is an endearing species with two large and floppy ears in red and blue colors, oval body shape, short blue arms with no fingers, along with a distinctive zigzag tail with a blue ball at the end.

Pokemon Azumarill cosplay is a good idea for most cosplayers, and if you have blue hair or wig, and then you should give this easy cosplay a try.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cool Pokemon Gijinka Electabuzz Cosplay Costume

        When we see this cool and cute pokemon gijinka Electabuzz cosplay costume, there would be lots of boys and girls want to put it on. On the one hand, this eye-catching outfit would capture people’s heart easily as long as we in it, and the Electric-type pokemon Eleboo has gained so many fans by its irritable and aggressive personality on the other hand.

As for pokemon Electabuzz, it is covered in yellow fur with black stripes; a large stripe on its chest is shaped like a lightning bolt, along with a long tail. There are two colors yellow and black that would be used in the design of Gijinka Electabuzz. This cool cosplay costume is one of the most distinctive creations that could make cosplayers outstanding, and bring them much fun.
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