Monday, December 16, 2013

Pokemon Gijinka Combusken Yellow Cosplay Costume

There are so many cute, beautiful, sexy and other styles of pokemon gijinka Combusken designs by creative boys and girls, and a lot of cosplayers are also creat their own human form of Pokemon Combusken. In one word, this pokemon cosplay is one of the popular ideas for females and males.

And this yellow and brown pokemon gijinka Combusken cosplay costume is one of the typical designs for girls and boys to be recognizable and cute, which is in the form of yellow top with hood and jagged lines at the edges, along with an orange crest attached in the hood, plus the dark brown shoulder straps pants. It is in simple but cute style.

We know that pokemon Combusken is a chicken-like species and most of its upper body is covered with yellow while the lower part is orange. It has orange eyes and an orange crest on its head. Hence, this cute pokemon human form cosplay costume would make you really a vivid Combusken.

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