Monday, December 9, 2013

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Azumarill Blue Cosplay Costume

This one-piece blue and white dress is for pokemon gijinka Azumarill cosplay, which is a cute and simple costume for girls to be recognizable and adorable, comes with blue and red long ears, blue dress white collar and bottom and a pair of blue shoes covers.
There are so many interesting and distinctive designs of pokemon gijinka Azumarill, and this one of course is in a cute style. As the Water-type pokemon, Azumarill is an endearing species with two large and floppy ears in red and blue colors, oval body shape, short blue arms with no fingers, along with a distinctive zigzag tail with a blue ball at the end.

Pokemon Azumarill cosplay is a good idea for most cosplayers, and if you have blue hair or wig, and then you should give this easy cosplay a try.

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