Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mirai Nikki Yukiteru Amano Orange Cosplay Costume

If you someone aks me that what kind of cosplay that I would do out of cons, yeah, this mirai nikki Yukiteru Amano cosplay costume is one of the choices, on the one hand, this is an easy cosplay and the outfit is normal but not that odd as some of the clothes, I just need to put on the orange coat, black zippered jacket, the short pants and the cute hat, along with the black hair and boots, yeah, it is totally a fashionable dressing style, especially the hat makes me quite dashing on the other hand.

This mirai nikki Yukiteru Amano cosplay costume is suitable for both boys and girls. Yukiteru Amano is his full name, he is the male protagonist of Future Diary and the First diary user at the age of 14, a middle school student, who is quite and kind-hearted boy with black hair and blue eyes.

Small cosplayers should give this future diary Yuki cosplay a shot, some of us like Yuno, we have passionate feelings to Yuki, hence, we love all the things about him, with no exception of this cosplay outfit.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inu x Boku SS Nobara Yukinokouji Yuki-onna Cosplay

This is beautiful and elegant Inu x Boku SS Nobara Yukinokouji Yuki-onna cosplay, do you agree with me? More often than not, we girls could not resisit the charm and attraction of the pretty dresses that are so cute in our eyes. And this anime/manga girl Nobara Yukinokouji just has this fairy dress in her form of Yuki-onna. So, it is a good chance for us to put on this eye-catching costume while being someone else.

Picture Credit

Nobara Yukinokouji is the Secret Service (SS) Agent assigned to Renshou in anime series of Inu x Boku SS, and is a sexy and beautiful woman who is crazy for fashion and kawaii girls. She wears glasses in daily life in her human form and has middle-length, light blonde hair and blue eyes.

 Nobara is a Yuki-onna, hence, we could imagine the charming appearance when she transforms in that form. And this is one of the best Yuki-onna form cosplay in the pictures, the girl looks really stunning, and the gorgeous kimono makes her become a wonderful fairy completely.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Mirai Nikki Tsubaki Kasugano Red Kimono Cosplay Costume

Do you love kimono style of clothing or the cosplay? Are you the big fan of Miria Nikki? No matter what you answer is, you would fall in love with this characteristic Mirai Nikki Tsubaki Kasugano red kimono cosplay costume, the red and green kimonos (haori) and the white sash make this dress mysterious and eye-catching. 

Future Diary Tsubaki Kasugano is the Sixth diary user and the High Priestess living in the Omekata temple, hence, she has this special outfit. She is a beautiful and polite young girl with quite long dark blue hair and purple eyes. Different from Yuno Gasai, Tsubaki is a kind-hearted girl but has poor sight.

This Mirai Nikki Tsubaki Kasugano cosplay costume is an ideal choice for those girls who are into kimono and long hairstyle cosplay. It would make you a beautiful and mysterious cosplayer at cons.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Mirai Nikki Minene Uryuu Pink Lolita Cosplay Costume

      This Mirai Nikki Minene Uryuu pink Lolita cosplay costume is totally different style of clothing comparing with her other outfits, which is in the form of one-piece dress with lace around the neck and decorating with the black lace at neck, sleeves and waist. It is really a beautiful and elegant cosplay dress for girls to display eye-catching cosplay.

What is more, this Future Diary Minene cosplay costume is indeed an easy style for any of us. Just one-piece dress and the purple wig, we could present recognizable Mirai Nikki Minene, plus the suitable make up and expressions. Of course, if you are a person in pursuit of perfection, I mean if you also would pay attention to eyes while you don’t have the similar color of Minene Uryuu, you also need to buy the purple contacts. Some of us don’t care for and some cosplay does don’t need to care for the color of the eyes.

Mirai Nikki Minene Uryuu is a terrorist, but she is also very cute and has cute moments in this series. This pink Lolita dress is one of them.
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