Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cool Mirai Nikki Uryuu Minene Purple Cosplay Costume

         This Mirai Nikki Uryuu Minene cosplay costume is totally different from the pink dress but reveals cool and characteristic feeling dressed by the cool girl, which is in the form of purple top (jacket) with no sleeves, black pants and mysterious eyepatch. This cosplay outfit is one of the popular and typical clothes for cosplayers to display noticeable and extremely cool apperence; obviously it is an ideal choice for tomboy.

As the secondary female protagonist and the Ninth Diary user of Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) series, Minene Uryu is an atheist terrorist and a young woman with long puple hair and eyes, plus an eyepatch on her left eye. Due to her special identity, most of the outfits are cool.

It looks like the eyepatch gives us the impression of mysteriousness and distinctiveness. Hence, Mirai Nikki Minene Uryu cosplay would be interesting and impressive, and of course, this cosplay costume is a must for us.

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