Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sexy Pokémon Bulbasaur Cosplay Costume

I was deeply impressed by this Pokémon Bulbasaur Cosplay Costume that is dressed by this stupendous cosplay girls, she is really great, right? The green color is represented by her perfectly along with the cosplay outfit. It is indescribable and unbelievable that she could portray this type so fabulously. The green wig is also another shinning point about her cosplay.
Have you ever thought about this style? Generally, we only have a simple knowledge of Bulbasaur in pokemon that it is known as the Seed Pokémonwhich is one of the pokemon species and has light blue-green bodies with darker blue-green spots in a small figure while moving on its four legs.
Cosplaying pokemon Bulbasaur must be challenging and enjoyable, hey, guys, no matter who you are, girls or boys, have this piece on and each of you could show us a different appeal in the show, cute, sexy or any others, it is all depends on you.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Harry Potter Costumes for Your Kids

Since the activity of cosplay is so awesome in the eyes of the girls and boys, why not choose the fabulous and magic  harry potter costumes for kids for the shows or the Halloween or any party? That would be another fantastic scene. As all the main characters are the kids in the former Harry Potter series, there isn’t any bother for you to pick the cosplay outfit.
As the apparel in the picture shows, it is the harry potter Slytherin House uniform, how do you imagine that when you dress your kid up? Is cute, dashing or anything other? That’s all depends on you. The most important thing for your kid is that he or she could feel the excitement as the other participants and leave him or her something memorable in childhood plus foster interest.
Aside from this one, many other types are there for kids, such as the harry potter Wizarding cloak cosplay costume, the Voldemort cosplay clothing and more. What is more, the kid wears the older people’s attire which would be something more fun. Do you think so? Don’t hesitate any more now, get started with harry potter costumes.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

View on Pokemon Iris Cosplay Costumes

In terms of cosplaying pokemon Iris, the corresponding cosplay costume is necessary for it. Let us think it over, and it seems that the most notable suit is the one which contains yellow and pink coat along with a bowknot on the bottom and the short pants, and it really displays a special image in front of us. And there are other pokemon Iris cosplay outfits, such as the one comes with yellow jacket and green short pants, and the black jacket with pink skirt and the like.
 By means of dressing up this pokemon cosplay costume, it is not enough. Due to that Iris has her unique appearance, her dark skin and special hairstyle. So if you want to portray a perfect Iris, you need to make a good preparation of your skin and hairdo plus her behavior.
In a word, cosplay Iris with the cosplay outfit would bring you an amazing experience, for that she is such a special individual. You will get it in the process.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Iris from Pokémon Best Wishes

Iris is also one of the companies of Ash Ketchum in the travelling and the character of Pokémon Best Wishes series. As for the nature of Iris, she is a wild girl who loves swinging from vines, so she is agile in her movements and she likes berries very much. Her pokemon do not hide in the ball but in her hair, we could easily find that her hairdo is quite different from the other female roles of Pokémon series, and it is a thick and long hair. In addition, Iris is terribly active and daring, as a result, she has taste for risk. Besides, she is easygoing and considerate.
Iris first meets Ash when he mistakes her as a Pokémon, and then she becomes his companion in the journey. It can be said that the most impressive things about her are her outside looks and her special nature. In a manner of speaking, she is a cute and lovely girl who could attractive a large number of fans to follow her all the way.
From the figure of Iris, we could find a lot of fun and relax greatly when following her. When speaking of the Pokemon cosplay, it is really interesting and meaningful to start such kind of portraying.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Sexy Flavor Costumes of Pokemon Cosplay

Due to excellent pokemon cosplay girls, there are so many sexy cosplayers we could behold in the show, which is indeed a wondrous occasion and is one of the most scenes that we want to see. By dressing up the attires of the different favorite characters from this series, girls could represent their body shape to the fullest.
And of course, each of the roles could flatter girls’ figure as long they make an appropriate choice for their pokemon cosplay, such as Misty, Pikachu, Dawn, May, Iris and Jessie and so on. Although, nearly all these female characters in Pokémon are little girls, once the cosplay girls have the cosplay costumes on, they could display a kind of sexy charm, which is one of the notable genres that we could notice.
It seems that all those girls could find endless fun from such sort of behavior. Obviously, all of the imitators can find back the great happiness and beautiful memory by means of impersonating the roles from pokemon. Those impersonators are really good enough to express the exact feature and feeling of the character that is portrayed.
These sexy cosplay costumes are the ideal pick for the purpose of represent female glamour to some extent. At the same time, we also could feel happy and relaxed in the activity of pokemon cosplay, which is the most important thing that we want to obtain and also the most wonderful thing we could have.

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