Monday, June 27, 2011

The Sexy Pokémon Bulbasaur Cosplay Costume

I was deeply impressed by this Pokémon Bulbasaur Cosplay Costume that is dressed by this stupendous cosplay girls, she is really great, right? The green color is represented by her perfectly along with the cosplay outfit. It is indescribable and unbelievable that she could portray this type so fabulously. The green wig is also another shinning point about her cosplay.
Have you ever thought about this style? Generally, we only have a simple knowledge of Bulbasaur in pokemon that it is known as the Seed Pokémonwhich is one of the pokemon species and has light blue-green bodies with darker blue-green spots in a small figure while moving on its four legs.
Cosplaying pokemon Bulbasaur must be challenging and enjoyable, hey, guys, no matter who you are, girls or boys, have this piece on and each of you could show us a different appeal in the show, cute, sexy or any others, it is all depends on you.

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