Thursday, September 26, 2013

Popular Pokemon Subway Boss Ingo Cosplay Costume


This pokemon Subway Boss Ingo cosplay costume obviously is a recognizable outfit to most boys and girls, not to mention the big fan of pokemon. It is somposed of brown and black overcoat, white shirt, blue tie, black pants and cool cap. And probably, pokemon Nobori would come to our mind when we see this clothes, he is cool!

Pokemon Nobori has twin brother Emmet, two of them are the leaders of the Battle Subway in Pokemon Black and White, obviously, they look the same except their clothes. So, if you are looking for duo cosplay ideas or want to be imposing in relatively simple costumes on Halloween and at other activities, give this pokemon cosplay a try.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Black Butler Hannah Anafeloz Maid Blue Cosplay Costume

As the demon maid of the Trancy Household, Hannah Anafeloz is a sexy and beautiful lady with long pale-lavender hair extends to her knees, blue eyes, tan skin tone and curve build in Black Butler II. Kuroshitsuji Hannah is an introvert woman and is overly loyal to Alois Trancy.
There are lots of cosplay girls into this beautiful and elegant imitation. Probably, she has the different and characteristic maid outfit that is compoed of blue dress with long sleeves and a white apron. That is the same as the cosplay girl wears in the pictures.

This black butler cosplay is a good idea for girls who are somewhat tan-skinned and want to be recognizable in simple beautiful long dress.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Cute K-project Neko Cosplay Costume

When it comes to the simple but cute anime dress, this K-project Neko cosplay costume undoubtedly would be one of the ideal pieces for girls to be kawaii and eye-catching. Of course this one-piece dress is quite a popular choice since the appearance of the cat anime girl Neko.
      As one of the most popular animal species, cat always captures people’s heart easily and become our closet friends. Hence, anime cat girl is also an adorable and sweet type of character in our heart. K Neko itself is a cat and it just transforms into human form, namly, the cute girl who has long pink hair and cute face. Neko has simple clothes and accessories, but she is one of the cutest anime girls. To dress up as this endearing cat girl on Halloween would be a good idea for girls.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cute Pokemon May Red and Black Cosplay Costume

Pokemon May is one of the cute and popular characters in the heart of the pokemon fans. And also cosplay Haruka is also good idea for girls to be recognizable and adorable. And this May red and black cosplay costume is the typical outfit for impersonators, which is compose of red jacket, black pants and socks, green headband, white and black gloves and yellow wrist belts. It is really cute clothes for girls to be noticeable.

As a young coordinator, May is energetic, sweet, caring, kind-hearted, brave and confident girl with shoulder-length brown hair and blue eyes. She attracts a lot of fans thee same as the other boys and girls in Pokemon series.

In one word, this pokemon May cosplay costume is a good choice for girls who want to do easy but eye-catching cosplay. And Halloween is approaching; why not give Haruka a try?
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