Monday, July 18, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Black and White Cheren cosplay is of course one of the hot choices for the pokemon cosplayers. As one of the rivals in Pokemon Black and White, Cheren is such a boy who is highly intelligent and faithful to player, and he often gives the player character advice and trains the player’s skills.
Pokemon Black and White Cheren Cosplay
Cosplay pokemon Cheren seems interesting and amusing. Even though he is a boy, we could find many of the girls who portray him in the cosplay show in the pokemon cosplay costume. For the reason that he is not so strong or manly as the other characters in the aspect of the figure or the appearance. Hence he is suitable for both girls and boys. 
As for the cosplay outfit, the classic piece contains blue suit with white collar, black pants and white vest inside. And I find one Pokemon Black and White Cheren cosplayer as it shows in the picture, I think she is a female imitator from the comely faces. But I was really shocked by her impersonating, and the looks she displays is indeed perfect. She could attract people’s attention in the show easily and get applause from others. And without doubt, this cosplay clothing contributes a lot.

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