Sunday, July 24, 2011

Pokemon Black and White Bianca Cosplay Costume

As regards the Pokemon Black and White Bianca cosplay costume, the typical one is made up of orange shirt-vest with the V neck, the white undershirt and the skirt that goes past the knee and is semi-fitted all the way down. In terms of cosplaying Pokémon Bianca, besides the cosplay costume, there are the other accessories also play an important role of it, such as the special hat, the bag and the wig. The yellow hair together with the cute hat is the most notable feature about Bianca, if you portray her without the two, I’m sure your show will be imperfect.
Pokemon Black and White Bianca
  As one of the female rivals in Pokemon Black and White, Bianca has a mighty heart and is innocent but sometimes is not so reliable. In a word, there is something really attractive that many of the cosplayers focus their attention on this kind of pokemon cosplay.
The same as the Pokemon Black and White Cheren cosplay, both of them have a large number of followers who bring their fictional role into reality and act the same as them in the show. Additionally, it seems that we could always behold two of them appear in the show together wherever by wearing the distinctive pokemon cosplay outfit, which is really interesting.

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