Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Cool and Simple The Devil Is A Part Timer Maou Cosplay Costume

Have you watched the anime The Devil Is A Part Timer or read the manga? Who is your favorite character in this series? We could find that there are not lots of roles, like Bleach or Naruto, but just no more than ten girls and boys in total (refers to the main characters). Due of the interesting story plots and the special characters, this anime has become of the most popular choices to Otakus. And of course, cosplay Hataraku Maou sama is really funny!

As the protagonist of The Devil Is A Part Timer, Maou Sadao was once a Demon King at the age about 300, and his real name is Stan Jacob, but now he disguises himself as a young boy who looks like at the age of 20, and works as a waiter at MgRonald’s. This red and black cosplay costume is the typical outfit for dressing up as Maou Sadao in his human form. It is obviously an easy but cool cosplay idea for both male and female cosplayers.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pretty and Cute Pokemon Gijinka Vaporeon Blue Cosplay Costume

       Cosplay pokemon Vaporeon is one of the most interesting and pop ideas with girls and boys. This blue species is really cute and pretty. As the water-type pokemon, Vaporeon is a composite creature; it looks like fish, mermaids and seals. It has light-blue body and white collar resembling a ruff. And there are yellow ears with a fin over its head and a long tail.

       Hence, this blue gijinka cosplay costume is one of the most interesting and creative outfits of pokemon Vaporeon, the blue overcoat with long sleeves, and the white and blue sailor suit looks quite cute, plus the geta and the pair of headdress bowties, all of them would make any cospayers a vivid and beautiful Vaporeon.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Beautiful Pokemon Gijinka Togetic White Cosplay Costume

Togetic is a flying/fairy type pokemon and is small in stature. It has white with red and blue triangular ring pattern on its body, in addition, there is a pair of white wings on its back. It is a very cute species. When it comes to cosplay pokemon Togetic, there are so many different cosplayers have done verious styles of costumes.

This beautiful and cute lolita style outfit is one of the most noticable I have ever seen so far, the white shawl with large bowtie, plus the layered white dress and other delicate accessories of this attire would make any of us quite pretty and fairy. If you just have white wig/hair, this pokemon gijinka cosplay costume would be a great choice.
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