Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pretty and Cute Pokemon Gijinka Vaporeon Blue Cosplay Costume

       Cosplay pokemon Vaporeon is one of the most interesting and pop ideas with girls and boys. This blue species is really cute and pretty. As the water-type pokemon, Vaporeon is a composite creature; it looks like fish, mermaids and seals. It has light-blue body and white collar resembling a ruff. And there are yellow ears with a fin over its head and a long tail.

       Hence, this blue gijinka cosplay costume is one of the most interesting and creative outfits of pokemon Vaporeon, the blue overcoat with long sleeves, and the white and blue sailor suit looks quite cute, plus the geta and the pair of headdress bowties, all of them would make any cospayers a vivid and beautiful Vaporeon.

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