Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Mirai Nikki Yukiteru Amano Orange Cosplay Costume

If you someone aks me that what kind of cosplay that I would do out of cons, yeah, this mirai nikki Yukiteru Amano cosplay costume is one of the choices, on the one hand, this is an easy cosplay and the outfit is normal but not that odd as some of the clothes, I just need to put on the orange coat, black zippered jacket, the short pants and the cute hat, along with the black hair and boots, yeah, it is totally a fashionable dressing style, especially the hat makes me quite dashing on the other hand.

This mirai nikki Yukiteru Amano cosplay costume is suitable for both boys and girls. Yukiteru Amano is his full name, he is the male protagonist of Future Diary and the First diary user at the age of 14, a middle school student, who is quite and kind-hearted boy with black hair and blue eyes.

Small cosplayers should give this future diary Yuki cosplay a shot, some of us like Yuno, we have passionate feelings to Yuki, hence, we love all the things about him, with no exception of this cosplay outfit.

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