Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cool Mirai Nikki Akise Aru Cosplay Costume

I love Future Diary Akise Aru, he is one of my favorite characters (actually, I am simply a fangirl of anime boys, and most of the male characters are so charming in my heart that I cannot resist them) :D Hence, this Mirai Nikki Akise Aru cosplay costume is shining in my eyes, he is absolutely standing in front of me when I see the purple jacket with large buttons and hood, the white shirt, the pants and the tie. I would be attracted by him or her if someone is just dressing up as him. :D

As one of the Mirai Nikki characters, Akise is a young middle school student and is also a calm, clever and cool guy with white hair and pink eyes. This Mirai Nikki cosplay is a good choice for both boys and girls, and girls even would do a more vivid Aru cosplay.

Obviously, this Mirai Nikki Akise Aru cosplay outfit is in a simple style, there are no complicated patterns, and we could make use of our old clothes or get the coat, shirt and pants from local stores. It is an easy but recognizable cosplay.

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