Friday, February 22, 2013

Guilty Crown School Boy Shu Ouma Uniform Cosplay

This guilty crown school boy Shu Ouma uniform is one of the typical clothes in the whole series, which is in the form of classical school outfit, the coat, short, tie and pants, but we could figure it out as long as we see it, it is because of this fact that the colors of the top, tie and pant, the style and the school badge on the jacket are really impressive to us.

Surely, all the school boys in Shu’s class in Guilty Crown wear this uniform, but Shu would be the first one comes across our mind when we have a look at it, right?

Shu Ouma is the protagonist of Guilty Crown and has cute face, thin but not strong body shape with short brown hair and eyes, thereby guilty crown shu cosplay is a good choice for both cosplay boys and girls.

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