Friday, March 1, 2013

Guilty Crown Shu Ouma Black King Cosplay Costume

Different from the kind and cute school boy Shu Ouma, the one who wears this cool black costume is more imposing and powerful, the long black cloak, white T-shirt, black pants and long scarf make Shu totally different. It is because of this fact that he sees the death of Hare right in his hands, and then he changes completely becoming the king of his school.

However, we have to admit that guilty crown Shu Ouma looks really cool and manful when he becomes callous and emotionless as the king, although he is not the awkward and kind-hearted Shu. 

As for Shu, he is originally a common student at school, an unsocialble student and lives a boring school life, but all changes dramatically when he meets the cute girl Inori Yuzuriha. Shu Ouma has brown hair with a light blond streak on the left side and brown eyes. Cosplay this king form of Shu would make cosplayers quite cool, the balck color and the scarf are so special.

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