Friday, March 22, 2013

Shining Hearts Melty Black Lolita Cosplay Costume

Shining Hearts Melty is an adorable girl who has cute face, big eyes, long white hair and this stylish and cute Lolita style of cosplay costume, no wonder that there are so many girls and guys are addicted to this character. It seems that anything about her is quite attractive, the figure, the dress and the cosplay.

And this black Melty cosplay outfit is the typical choice for girls to present beautiful, girly and eye-catching looks among other participants of the shows. It is in the form of kawaii hat, double-layered dress, long gloves, leg warmers, shawl, bows, Sash Petticoat, socks and belts. Yeah, this Melty dress is somewhat complex style.

It is a safe bet that Shining Hearts Melty cosplay would make cosplay girls more adorable and girly as long as we put on this outfit. If you are also on the Lolita and cute clothing, you should give it a try.

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