Friday, March 29, 2013

Cute Fairy Tail Levy McGarden Orange Cosplay Costume

How many of you are there the devotee of Fairy Tail Levy McGarden? Could you name this cute orange dress at first sight? I bet there would be countless boys and girls, because tons of fans are there all over the world of the series of Fairy Tail.

 Right, this costume is the eye-catching and the popular choice for Levy McGarden cosplay, contains one-piece orange dress, with white bowtie and collar and separated sleeves. In terms of this dress, it is really an easy type, and Levy has blue hair with bandanna around her head, plus Hazel eyes. 

 In one word, this fairy tail cosplay is easy but adorable, mostly because Levy is a lovelygirl. In addition, if you are in the type of small cosplayer, this is an ideal one.

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