Friday, March 15, 2013

Cool The Legend of Korra Mako Cosplay Costume

Yeah, this is the cool and popular The Legend of Korra Mako cosplay costume, which is made up of top kacket, waist belt, pants, gloves and shoes covers, which looks the same as one of the typical pieces that Mako wears in this series. And this Moka cosplay outfit would be quite charming and attractive in the eyes of Korra and other boys and girls who are fond of him.

Obviously, this the legend of Korra cosplay is quite a popular choice to impersonators and has held a good many of boys and girls’ interest. Mako is a serious and calm personality, as the Firebender, he is handsome and strong with short black hair. And it is a good choice for most of the male cosplayers and some of the female ones. In one word, Mako cosplay is simple but special.

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