Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lovely K-on Yui Hirasawa Don't say "lazy" Cosplay Dress

This is one of the classical attires for K-on Yui cosplay, yeah, it is Yui’s Don’t say “lazy” cosplay dress which is in the form of one-piece white dress extends to knees with black ruffles, and the pretty beads are the shoulder straps, plus the black arm glove and beautiful headwear.
As one of the main characters of K-on! and the fashionable girls, Yui Hirasawa has many stylish and beautiful clothes, this dress is one of the impressive pieces. Yui has kawaii face and large brown eyes, plus short brown hair, hence, this anime girl is an ideal choice for the cute and small cosplayers but not the sexy or the busty ones, the cuter, the better.

As for this white cosplay outfit, it is easy for us to make it at home but not to buy the whole costume. We could add the black fabric as the frills to the pure white dress and buy the beads and the headdress from the craft stores and many other stores, but the precondition is that we are a good sewer. Anyhow, the most important thing is that we could get enjoyment from K-on Yui cosplay.

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