Monday, February 10, 2014

Simple Blood-C Saya Kisaragi Cosplay Costume

This Blood-c Saya Kisaragi cosplay costume is in simple style and does not have any special designs, which is in common school girl uniform pattern in red and black colors, but, it is quite popular and recognizable to lots of girls and boys, and any cosplay girlscould be popular and cool as long as they have this anime dress on.

It is because of this fact that the anime girl Saya Kisaragi is an impressive character in Blood-C. She has long black hair and she wears it into to ponytails with red ribbons, plus a pair of oval glasses all the time. In addition, she holds a sword. This red and black school girl uniform is one of the standard outfits for Saya cosplay, which is an easy and cheap idea.

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