Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Cute Pokemon Gijinka Zangoose Red and White Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Zangoose has quite a cute appearace to me, although it has the sharp red scar-like marking on the face, chest and forepaws, the round body shape and the face, pink eyes, long ears and the small red nose make it quite asorable.

Probably, there are lots of girls and boys into this pokemon, just like me, hence, cosplay Zangoose is always a popular idea for cosplayers. And there are so many different styles of gijinka Zangoose that are created by people. The red and white colors are all the elements that are used in various costumes.

This cute red and white pokemon human Zangoose cosplay outfit is one of the simple but noticeable clothes for cosplayers to be recognizable and to enjoy amazing fun, which is made up of white top with red lines and without sleeves, white pleated skirt with red edges, black socks, red fingerless gloves and white ears. It is reall a good idea for cosplayers who love Zangoose and are also looking for simple costume.

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