Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Sexy Bayonetta Black Cosplay Costume

Who is the most busty, sexy and cool game girl in your heart? There are really lots of such enchanting female characters from tons of series. But, if I say she has quite long black hair and wears glasses, Bayonetta would be the top three comes to our head, right? 

It can be said that all of us know the name Bayonetta as long as we are one member of ACG. And there would be countless sexy cosplay girls who are dressing up as her appear when we search “Bayonetta” on Google. All of them are quite cool and attractive, the black hair, the glasses, the guns and the black costume make them so eye-catching all the way.

This black jumpsuit is the recognizable and stylish outfit for Bayonetta cosplay, along a pair of white and red gloves. As the hero of Bayonetta series, she could make any of the cosplayers outstanding.

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