Thursday, October 8, 2015

Lovely Oreimo Gokou Ruri Kuroneko Holy Angel Pink Cosplay Costume

She looks like an angel and a doll, especially in this Holy Angel pink Lolita dress, nope, she is just an angel, or she won’t be so charming. Yeah, she is Gokou Ruri, Kuroneko. Undoubtedly, I am big fan of this anime girl, I even love her more than the main character Kousaka Kirino, although both of them are quite kawaii. Kuroneko has many pretty and lovely anime dresses in Oreimo, and this Oreimo Gokou Ruri Kuroneko Holy Angle pink cosplay outfit is very cute that is a good idea for cosplayers who have baby face and are interested in Lolita style anime outfit.

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