Friday, August 14, 2015

Cool Tokyo Ghoul Sasaki Haise Cosplay Costume

Who is Sasaki Haise in Tokyo Ghoul? As a matter of fact, he is just Kaneki Ken, the main protagonist of this story. He is just living under the identity of this name now as a First Class Investigator without any memories of his previous life, but he is slowly beginning to get them back little by little. This cool Tokyo Ghoul cosplay costume is just for you to dress up as Sasaki Haise, which is composed of long overcoat, dark shirt and pants, along with white tie.

Generally, when it comes to Kaneki Ken cosplay, the guy with red eye, black mask, and white hair and in the black outfit would be the first form appears in or head, but this one would make us really a different Kaneki Ken.

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