Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Simple Zero no Tsukaima Saito Hiraga Cosplay Costume

If you are lookg for simple cosplay costume for anime cons or other parties, this blue and white Zero no Tsukaima Saito Hiraga cosplay outfit would be one of the most suitable choices for both boys and girls (if girls like or don’t mind crossplay), comes with white and blue jacket with hood, and pants, which is all about Saito’s clothes, plus the sword, any of would be eye-catching.

In terms of Saito Hiraga, he is the leading male character of The Familiar of Zero, however, he is rather unlucky and lives a poor life because of the heroine Louise who treats him badly by asking him to sleep on the floor and to wash her laundry at first. But, Saito is so kind, caring and responsible that help him win Louise’s heart gradually.

Hence, this Zero no Tsukaima Saito Hiraga cosplay is an ideal for cosplayers who are into easy cosplay, and also would be a great idea for couples.

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