Monday, November 7, 2011

Pokémon Ice Gym Leader Candice Cosplay Costume

What do you think of the pokémon Ice gym leader Candice cosplay costume? In my view, the representative piece which is connecting with white shirt with long sleeves and blue bowtie, blue coat and short yellow skirt is simple for us to display this cosplay in the show. Hence this is also one of the easy pokemon cosplays for us. No need to buy the new one from the seller, what we should to do is to make full use of the old clothes in the wardrobe. Without any doubt, we could find the similar pieces and then do some modification.

Pokémon Trainers could get Icicle Badge from her as long as they defeat her in the battle. Candice is of course one of the popular gym leader for the pokemon fans. What is more, her conspicuous hairdo is quite interesing and easy to make.
And there isn’t any special requirement, any of us could do this imitation as long as we like. The most important thing for this cosplay is the accoutrement and the other accessories; we could display a similar Candice by means of dressing the good cosplay costumes and the other related things. Try it now.

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