Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pokémon Gardenia Cosplay Costume

The pokémon Gardenia cosplay costume in the picture shows us a simple but unique looks among other pokemon cosplay outfits. It is somewhat of sexy and free. What is more, it is also an easy cosplay for us. Do you think so? Any other clothes could be modified according to the pattern of the green loose detachable cape and the long-sleeve black top. As for the short orange pants, you only need to cut away part of the long casual pants.
   In a word, this pokemon cosplay is suitable for any of you as long as you are willing to don the suit. And you figure or skin color doesn’t matter much to this imitation. The most important thing is the attire.
 Gardenia is expert in grass-type pokemon and also a Gym Leader, and so there are a lot of plants in her gym. She is really keen on the grass-type pokemon. I love plants too. What about you? If your answer is yes, and don’t miss this chance to be the same as Gardenia in the show.

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