Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pokémon Gym Leader Flannery Cosplay Costume

In my view, the one immediately stand out to me is the pokemon cosplay when speaking of the easy cosplay. And it means that the cosplay costume is not difficult for us to prepare. Here, the pokeom gym leader Flannery is one of the easy cosplay characters.
As for pokemon Flannery, she is the gym leader and specializes in all Fire-type Pokémon in her gym; it is just match her flaring red hair. Flannery is a girl with strong will and desire to prove herself, which excites me to be a better one in my life. So she is one of my favorite pokemon characters.
Copslay pokemon Flannery is also a good choice for girls. On the one hand, the cosplay oufit is really simple, we can see it from the picture, all we need to get is the top and pants, what is more, if your hair is red, no wig, no need to buy the suit, make use of your old clothes, that is ok. On the other hand, you could finish this cosplay without much cost including time and money. Whether you are a zealot of Flannery or not, I suggust you try this one. You will get something interesting.

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