Thursday, December 1, 2011

Pokemon Lt. Surge Cosplay Costume

Pokemon Lt. Surge cosplay costume seems so cool and manly. Lt. Surge is Gym Leader of the Vermillion Gym and was an army member before becoming a Gym Leader. He is an expertise in Electric Pokemon. What is more, Lt. Surge is quite a brave individual. Of course there is more than one accoutrement Surge has in pokemon, so we could find that cosplayers wear different Surge cosplay outfits in the show.
 And one of the uniforms is in the form of sleeveless jacket and trousers, actually is the camouflage uniform as it shows in the picture. It is one of the typical army uniforms. Personally, I have special feelings for soldiers; they are so cool and great.
Pokemon Lt. Surge is known as The Lightning American and a member of army. So if you are well disposed towards soldiers, this would be an ideal pokemon cosplay for you. It is easy but manful cosplay.

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